Staging Tips

Need to Sell Your Home?  Use This List to Get Started.

1.  Clean like you’ve never cleaned before.  Every corner, crack and crevice.  Clean your windows, frames and sills.  Clean the fridge, oven, microwave, and dishwasher – inside and out, top and bottom, sides and back.  Clean your home like those high dollar automobile detailing companies clean!  They do it right, the moment you sit in the car it evokes a feeling of newness.  If you don’t have time to clean it yourself, I highly recommend investing in your home and hiring someone who will.

2.  This tip is in direct correlation to tip #1.  When you’re cleaning:  toss, give, and pack anything you won’t need while selling your home. Move packed items to off-site storage.

3.  Give yourself a new mindset – your home is no longer your home, it is a product you are selling.  It’s important to neutralize all overstated personal decor.  I had a friend who loved deep dark purple walls, they were stunning.  Many of her friends and house guests commented on how pretty they were but admitted they lacked the courage to embrace this color in their own home.  Most likely 90% of potential buyers will too.

4.  Give attention to every room in your home. When a potential buyer walks in, you must let the furnishings tell a story of what the room is.  Never leave a room vacant.  Empty rooms visually appear smaller and speak nothing to the house hunter.

5.  Curb appeal.  Make your home look inviting from the road. Skipping this detail will send potential buyers to the next home on their list.

6. The nose knows.  Don’t use scented plug-ins, incense, and candles to mask orders.  If your furry friends live inside the home I highly recommend finding a friend to take them in until your home sells.  If you are unable to do so – plan on bathing your pets once a week, vacuuming daily, cleaning their litter and cages twice a day.

7.  Take a good look at your upholstered furniture, is it sagging in the middle, are the seams moving like ocean waves, colors fading?  If you answered yes, you might consider investing in better looking goods or renting furniture.

8.  Spend money on rooms that yield a high return on your investment, namely; kitchens, baths, and master bedrooms.  Be very careful that every dollar you invest, brings you a dollar in return when the home sells.  Warning! Don’t get too personal making design selections that appeal to your taste, doing so could be devastating to your investment.  I’ve seen people invest in granite counter tops and watched their money go down the drain, paying two mortgages, while waiting eight months for their house to sell.

9.  Draw a floor plan with basic room sizes to give to every potential buyer walking through the door.  Some agents include this in their marketing plan, if not, take the time and make one – especially in this buyers market.

10.  Fix (don’t hide) all the little maintenance issues that accumulated over the years.  Buyers keen eyes notice deferred maintenance – it causes them to:  1. Think the home was not lovingly cared for, 2. Wonder what else is wrong and, 3. Confidently make a low offer to compensate for repairs.

Once the work is done, keep everything tidy, lights on, and beds made – you never know when that house hunter is going to drop by.

If all of this seems overwhelming you might consider hiring Defined Design.  I will help you with everything from finding the best pricing on storage facilities and rental furniture, to picking perfect paint colors and more.  As a professional design consultant my experience in: current design trends, living environment marketing, spacial relationship planning, color perception, lighting, textiles, art, architecture, landscaping and presentation, will market your home with creative concepts and ideas to your target buyer.  Good defined design gives your house an edge over others on the market, allowing you to move on with your new life, in your new home.

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