Meeting Mike Holmes

Last November.  I stood in line with a couple hundred other folks to meet Mike Holmes from HGTV’s Holmes on Homes.  My husband Steve and I left our house at 8:30 a.m. to drive to the Books-A-Million in Colonial Heights, VA.

We arrived around 11:00 a.m. and got in line.  It was great chatting with the people in front and behind us.  Mike has a lot of fans!  As 12 noon chimed in we could hear a commotion towards the front of the store, people started cheering. He arrives in those classic overalls he is well-known for wearing on every show.  Huge applause and cheers broke out as Mike approached our section of the line.  In a humble boyish grin and he raised his arms half way in their air and said ‘Hey folks, I’m just a contractor.’

The Holmes crew was organized, prior to Mike’s arrival they went through the line and asked for your first name and wrote it on a sticky note and then placed it on page 9 in the magazine.  One by one Mike shook everyone’s hand and hugged those who asked for a hug – even some of the guy builders in line (made me smile that he’s not afraid to hug men – reminds me of my Dad).  Mike was all smiles.

As the line dwindle before us, I started to get excited – I was going to meet THE Mike Holmes – how cool is this!  As we approached, one of his team members grabbed my magazine, another grabbed my camera and I heard Mike say ‘Hi Lisa!’ I turned around and he stood there with his hand stretched out.  I reached out my hand and he said ‘it is so nice to meet you’!  I was mush!  All I could do was smile, he greeted Steve by his first name and shook his hand.  Such a gentlemen.

I stood next to Steve and Mike jumped in between us to take a picture he said ‘I’ll be the monkey in the middle’ (too funny).

Mike took the time to sign our Holmes Magazine.  He also signed a poster for our son Isaac – he wrote:  “To Isaac, the next Pro!”

The fella taking the picture caught Steve turning to see what Mike was writing.  I’ve got my business card in my hand to give to him.

This pictures makes me laugh, both Mike and I talk with the hands!

Steve and I were both impressed.  He’s not a HGTV star, he’s a contractor and he really cares about giving every waking moment his best.  I could tell he was tired, he had traveled all over the place doing these meet and greets, but he put himself aside and took time for all of us in line.

The overall sentiment from everyone there was ‘Man I wished you lived near me!’  Steve and I both echoed that sentiment.  This past week I’ve spent time catching up on my HGTV shows via my DVR.  I had not watched any of the Holmes Inspection series.  How can you help but not love this man and all the people who work with him.  What an incredible team.  It does my heart good to watch TV where people are actively educating and helping those who don’t know or those who need a helping hand.  I learn so much and it gives me the courage to go and do these things myself.

I hope one day he will open a Holmes Contracting Trade School and offer training and certification.  It is the best way for him to teach others his code of construction honor and work ethics.  It is the only way he can stretch himself out across this great land of ours and live in every neighborhood too.

Outside the store I had to snap a photo of the Ford truck emblem on Mike’s truck.  One day Stevie, I promise, you’ll have one too!

Small but just as passionate about design as he is about construction!

Me with MY hero and love of my life!

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