Forget Me Not with Evernote!

Happy New Year!  Hope your first work Monday of 2011 is going better than mine.  Logged into my MacBook, only to discover the death of my Firefox browser yesterday also deleted my Mac Mail.  Can you say CRISIS?  Not the best foot to start the New Year with.

Thankfully, I moved 90% of my most used Firefox passwords into my 1Password program over the last month!  Also, thankful, I only lost one year of bookmarks, sadly most of them were needed for our 2011 remodeling projects.  My third reason to give thanks – three and half years ago I learned to use IMAP instead of POP for my email.  This saved my life, this morning.  When I created a new account and entered my IMAP settings, all my mail reappeared!

All this leads me to today’s post about Evernote.  Over Christmas in Twitterville one of the tweeps I follow mentioned how he LOVED Evernote.  Curiosity found me searching Google to learn more, but life’s distractions kept me from thoroughly checking it out.  Alas, a few days later, my favorite podcaster Don McAllister emailed me a tutorial on Evernote.  I love it when things happen in pairs!  I watched the podcast yesterday, and downloaded Evernote to my Mac, and my Evo and discovered this is the single most important download of my life!

I’ve been using Evernote all day!  I absolutely love it.  From this day forward I will use it to save my research instead of browser bookmarks – goodbye crash worries!  It’s super easy to make notes on my Mac or Evo.  Hit the sync button and I can access my notes via web, Macbook, or Evo.  I can share notes with my hubby and kids.  The best part it’s FREE! Evernote is great if the designer in you enjoys color coding and font formating – I’m seriously in like with Evernote!  They have a premium version, but until I decide I can’t live without the premium features I will use the free one.

Check out the ScreenCastONLINE Evernote tutorial below – you will love Don’s accent.  By the way if you have a Mac and need to learn how to use it, I highly recommend Don’s SCO membership.  I was ready to toss my MacBookPro in the trash when I stumbled across his website.  He is brilliant and simply shows you everything you need to know about Mac and all the cool software that can make your life easy.  I’ll never buy another PC.  Enjoy.

PS – Techie or not I think everyone should have the above pictured screen printed magnetic notice board from Green & Co.  It’s a perfect cottage art accent with functionality!  Dimensions: 19.7″ x 19.7″ x 7/8″.

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